Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Power of Tea, Part 2

The "Teatanic" tea infuser by FRED

To compliment my previous post about tea I thought I would continue on with some cool tea accessories! Kettles, teapots, infusers, teacups, spoons, tea boxes... Everyone who really enjoys tea naturally enjoys the odds and ends that go with it. Here are just a few of my absolute favorite little bits to accompany you at tea time!

After a nice long day of work, who doesn't like to relax and sink into a nice hot... Cup of Tea! 
Mr. Tea by FRED

For the art aficionado, the cat lady, or just a tea enthusiast, this charming Tea-for-One set is a must have!

You knew it was coming some time... The two things that scream ENGLISH are Tea and Dr. Who!
Every Whovian needs a Tardis Tea Pot

Instead of being a tea loving introvert, try sharing a cup of tea with a friend!
This modern Tea-for-Two designed by Mark Huang

Happy Brewing!

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