Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Power of Tea, Part 1

Tea has been a driving force in the western world for hundreds of years, and in the East it has been so even longer! Today so many people have cheapened Tea into a drab and granted part of life. Where is the joy in that? Fortunately some people have made enough of a fuss about Tea in their lives that some companies have started to get their act together and begin producing fun and exciting Teas and Tea related products! Being a Twining's snob myself I naturally have to point in that direction first. Twining's has been making quality Tea for years! 308 years to be exact! Their traditional black, green, and red teas are some of the best in the world, however the Twining's lines of herbals and blended teas are also invigorating! Most Twining's teas are available both in bags or loose.

Another phenomenal tea company (and also a personal favorite) is Teavana! In addition to an adventurous selection of traditional old world teas, Teavana is one of the fleeting few companies that carries an exciting selection of traditional  Mate teas!

Lastly, but certainly not least among tea companies, is Bigelow! As one of the new kids on the block (Having only been established in 1945) the Bigelow company has done well to make a name for itself. Either as a long time lover of fine tea or as a brewing novice, Bigelow offers a delightful and more affordable range of teas of all sorts!

A few other brands that I have found are quite good are:

-Red Rose (Which we all know for their delightful little figurines)

-The Queen's Choice (Which I am sure that she has never heard of) I found this tea, believe it or not, The Dollar Tree store. I wasn't quite sure at first but I was surprised at the quality of the tea. I find that it is a superb tea, especially for the value!

Happy Brewing!

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