Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Irrational Numbers... Irrational Thoughts...

There is no such thing, in practice or in theory, as an "irrational" number. Numbers, by their very nature, are rational. Numbers are measurements, tangible or not, and each have a definitive end, and can therefore not be irrational. The nature of so called "irrational" numbers is not to be irrational but contrarily is perpetual specificity. For instance the number abbreviated as pi is defined as 3.14159265359 and so on. While the specificity of it's end may be essentially inconceivable it has a definitive end preventing it from continuing beyond 3.15 because it is defined as less than 3.15 but it is defined as being more than 3.14, and so on it is defined as being less than 3.142 and likewise more than 3.141. Essentially the number is perpetually specific, but not irrational.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Penance and Preparation

The Season of Lent has come again. As we enter this season of penance and prayer we prepare ourselves for the triumphant entry of Christ into the Holy City. Lent is not only a time for fasting and prayer, but it is a time of purging and preparation. As we prepare ourselves for Christ's coming in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and for Holy Week and Easter it sets our hearts and minds to the knowlege and understanding of perpetual advent, as we await the eminent return of our Lord. As we fast this Lenten season let us not forget the reason we are purifying our bodies. We await Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, into our hearts, and his triumphant return to claim, once again, his Eternal Kingdom.