Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Message of Hope

In this day the heathen shall rejoice and the blasphemer shall be glad. The pagans shall revel and godless shall dance. For heathen and the blasphemer and the pagan and the godless, they know only what has passed away but they have no hope. They have no fathom of events to come. Those who mourn have hope, for we know by faith that the sun brings warmth. For when the feasts of the pagans end and when the cup of the blasphemer runs dry, and when the stores of the heathen are barren, and when the godless whither away, hope will remain in them who trust the Lord. Rejoice today all ye that do not fear the Lord, and say "Your Lord has died! Your God has perished and his body mangled and given to the earth." but when the morning comes the earth shall be opened. He who had been put to death shall conquer death, and he who was scourged will be glorified! Over the veil of death He shall rise, and our hope shall not be lost, for in His Glory we shall have Glory, and in His life we too shall live, for even as the things of earth shall pass away, the things of His Kingdom shall remain!

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